Online Communities of Practice

Since July 2013

Konnektiv has consulted GIZ and other clients on setting up (mainly internal) online communities of practice. This process entails some or all phases of the platform development including: information gathering and interviews of the target group, conceptualization, community structure, design, programming, and implementation of the platform, technical training of editorial teams, first or secondary-level support, and maintenance. Communities developed include:

  • Social Media Community, an internal platform on digital topics (conceptualization, structure, programming, implementation, secondary support, consulting); the platform has since evolved to using Konnektiv’s community-centred MOOC platform
  • Cre8ideas, an idea generation platform (programming, implementation)
  • Communications Worldwide, an internal platform for corporate communications of GIZ (programming, implementation, consulting)
  • Corporate Sustainability Handprint Portal (programming, implementation, consulting, training)
  • Global Learning Database for the Alumni Network Health and Social Protection

All code is provided to our clients and licensed as open source (GPL), so that it can be shared among the communities and further developed in the future.