Konnektiv’s holistic and well-rounded approach is based on the guiding principles of openness, diversity, grass-roots, and cooperation.


Konnektiv acknowledges the importance of respect, trust and working in close collaboration with contracting partners and team members. This includes reliable, regular communication and coordination. Our approach guarantees an environment where there is an efficient and effective transfer of knowledge.


Konnektiv believes in working close to the ground with local experts. By working with experts from the target regions, we tap into local expertise, local contacts and make sure our actions are culturally appropriate. This ensures that we obtain the proper tools and resources to best carry out our tasks.


Konnektiv is committed to ensuring that our project teams are diverse, maintain a gender balance, and include people from all intersections including, but not limited to race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and nationality.


We believe in open knowledge and using open licenses to enable the spread of information. Konnektiv agrees that, whenever possible, data, publications, methodologies, processes and other relevant knowledge products should be shared under open licenses and made available for free use on digital channels. This contributes to public and private confidence in our projects and organization. Understanding the importance of open knowledge, Konnektiv shares publications and projects on our website. This can be found under the Our Work tab.

As an official endorser of the Principles of Digital Development, our work incorporates values and approaches that are in line with these principles.