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Konnektiv is a Berlin-based agency working at the intersection of digital transformation and inclusive socio-political change. We have worked across African, Asian, and Latin American contexts for over a decade. Recently, we have become increasingly active in European and German contexts. With our team we are supporting activists, small and big NGOs and foundations, as well as public institution to contribute to digital transformation in an inclusive, ethical, and context driven manner.

Konnektiv stands for its longtime expertise in cross-cutting topics, ensuring that crucial aspects, such as inclusion, safeguarding, and autonomy become structural components of any digitalisation process we advise on or accompany. We do not depart from the latest technological trends but from digital and non-digital realities in every unique context.

Our interdisciplinary senior team members each hold over 15 years of experience working on the intersection of digitalization and socio-political change in most diverse country contexts. Having accompanied many actors throughout the rapid digital transformation, and all the opportunities and challenges it brought, we hold strong expertise in what transformation means to different actors and in different localities. We combine expertise in grassroots project development and implementation, strategy co-creation and engaged research, and the development of open source technological infrastructures.

We are critically questioning the traditional approach to development cooperation. Instead, we are actively involved in exploring, together with our partners, new and inclusive eye-to-eye approaches to collaboration and international funding schemes. We are well connected to the digital innovation and digital rights community through our sister company the Global Innovation Gathering, forming a strong partner network around the world. This network allows us to work upwards from local contexts and needs, and to embrace innovative state-of-the-art solutions developed in or adapted to local contexts.

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