Development of a Community-Centred MOOC Platform

Since December 2014

Konnektiv programmed an open source WordPress-based template for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) focussing on community exchange rather than one-to-many content delivery. The MOOC template, originally programmed for GIZ for the MOOC Economics of Land Degradation, has since been modified, updated, and customized multiple times for other MOOCs including:

Sustainable Code: The community tools developed by Konnektiv are not only suitable for MOOCs or eLearning, but also for other community platforms. The following sites (among others) are using the Konnektiv community-technology outside of learning environments:

  • Innovation Factory (community portion developed by Konnektiv is not publicly accessible)
  • YouMatch (community portion and member zone developed by Konnektiv are not publicly accessible)

The source code of the MOOC template is open source and published in the WordPress plugin repository. This makes it possible for others to implement MOOCs without the involvement of Konnektiv, such as the Oppiva MOOC.