Sustainability at Konnektiv

Konnektiv was founded with the goal to implement sustainability on all levels of the company. We evaluate our corporate sustainability along four dimensions: ecological, economic, political, and social sustainability.

Ecological Sustainability

Even before the pandemic, Konnektiv avoided travel and instead relied on video conferences. Especially on international tenders, we were able to offer services with a significantly lower carbon footprint than our competitors by relying on experts already based in the project region.

Our Berlin office is part of the cooperative building project Spreefeld, in which many aspects of ecological construction and high energy efficiency were implemented. Konnektiv is a digital company and works paperless. Our offices and our servers are run on sustainable electricity sources.

Economic Sustainability

Konnektiv is basing its own company development on purely organic growth. We do not count on any external investments, but are instead re-investing the surpluses of previous business years into the company. On this basis, Konnektiv can act financially independent and is not limited through outside bindings.

Political Sustainability

Konnektiv incorporates gender sensitive approaches throughout our structure. This is reflected in the team demographic, which consists of more than 75% female employees. Both our executives and our company shareholder are staffed on equal terms.

Social Sustainability

We provide a fair wage to all our employees. We give special importance to equal payment in international development projects, which is only based on the qualification and not on the nationality. Unfortunately, this is still not the case in many development organizations. We do not differentiate between “local” and “international” experts.