Digital Transformation in International Development

Konnektiv is a Berlin-based agency working on digital transformation in the public sector. We work with partners and networks around the world, in particular in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Our partner and client network consists of local and international NGOs and foundations, local innovators and change makers as well as public sector and government institutions working toward an inclusive, ethical, and context driven digital transformation.

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We support our clients with

  • Research and policy advice
  • Strategy co-creation
  • Program development consulting
  • Trainings, lectures, moderations on the topic of inclusive digital transformation
  • Match-making local innovation actors across countries
  • Developing privacy-friendly open source software solutions

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We do this by

  1. Engaging local expertise
  2. Working with participatory methods, departing from each individual context
  3. Providing open software solutions that can be adapted to diverse contexts

Selected Projects

SDGs Workshop and Articles for trendradar_2030

For the project “Digital World” with betterplace lab, Konnektiv oversaw the design and moderation of a workshop with a focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The workshop was conducted by Melanie Stilz and Geraldine de Bastion. Following the workshop, Konnekiv contributed articles…

Innovative Digital Formats for Information Tours

The Goethe-Institut Visitors Programme organises information tours to Germany on behalf of the Federal Foreign Office and in cooperation with the liaison offices of Goethe-Institut abroad. Konnektiv was contracted to assist in improving the internal processes and design of the information tours by examining how they could be supplemented and enhanced through…

Study on the AI-Privacy Conundrum in Germany and India

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful General-Purpose technology – considered as a game-changer that will have potential economic, social and political implications on all spheres of human life. The promise of AI presents a huge economic opportunity and to capitalize on this new technology wave governments have rolled out their national AI strategies….

Strategy Consulting: Digitisation and International Cooperation

Konnektiv was contracted by the Heinrich Böll Stiftung to consult on a digital strategy for all international offices within the foundation. The aim of the project was to ensure that the international structure was fit for digital transformation. We provided knowledge and expertise…

Online Communities of Practice

Konnektiv has consulted GIZ and other clients on setting up online communities of practice. This process entails some or all phases of the platform development including: information gathering and interviews of the target group, conceptualization, community structure, design, programming, and implementation of the platform, technical training…

Make-IT Ecosystem Accelerator in East & West Africa

Overseeing the concept phase of the development and implementation of an accelerator in Kenya and Nigeria, Konnektiv assessed the gaps and needs in services for startups, developed a modular and sustainable portfolio of activities and formats to address these identified needs, and devised a plan to test the formats with the local partners…

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Handreichung: Maker Spaces in der Schule – So geht lernen heute

In Zusammenarbeit mit Junge Tüftler gGmbH entstand die Handreichung “Maker Spaces in der Schule: So geht lernen heute” im Auftrag von Save the Children Deutschland e.V. Das Dokument bietet Wissen rund um Edu Maker Spaces und will Inspiration und Mut geben, einen in der eigenen Einrichtung anzugehen…

Fachgespräch: Digitale Entwicklungszusammenarbeit 2021 – Ideen & Aufgaben für die neue Legislaturperiode

Am 08. September 2021 fand das Fachgespräch “Digitale Entwicklungszusammenarbeit 2021 – Ideen & Aufgaben für die neue Legislaturperiode”…

Are we doing enough to achieve digital gender equality?

As part of the Digital Debate series from International Civil Society Centre, our CEO Geraldine de Bastion was invited to discuss innovative ways of thinking and doing digital gender equality around the world. “Digital Debate: The Gender Gap” event on March 3, 2021 was hosted by Barbara Iverson with guests Geraldine de Bastion, Kokoévi Sossouvi, and Maja Kraljič. If you missed the event, here are 10 key points to take away…

Online discussion: Who controls the data? Perspectives on digital sovereignty from the Global South

Konnektiv and the Heinrich Boell Foundation Washington, DC hosted an online discussion on perspectives on digital sovereignty in the Global South.

Digital technologies are instrumental for global exchange and connectivity – nothing illustrates this better than the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet there is fierce competition over who gets to reap the benefits of cross-border data flows. The United States and China are in a process of decoupling their digital spheres while the European Union is asserting its digital sovereignty by launching Gaia-X, the European cloud…

Principles for Digital Development

Konnektiv is an official endorser of the Principles for Digital Development, a set of guidelines meant to help tech-enabled international development programs become more effective and sustainable. As an endorser of the Principles for Digital Development, we seek to embody the concepts of the Digital Principles, represented in our work culture…