Digital Transformation in International Development

Konnektiv is a Berlin-based agency working at the intersection of technology, collaboration, and social development. We focus on new innovative approaches for international development in the field of information and communication technology (ICT). We design, manage, and evaluate development projects in the ICT sector, advise on digital strategy and portfolio management, provide training and facilitation, conduct research and analysis, and program software solutions.

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#Road2IGF: Data, Sovereignty, Democracy and a Global South Perspective

Join us on November 25, 2019 at the IGF’s warm up event #Road2IGF: Data, Sovereignty, Democracy and an African Perspective hosted by the Global Innovation Gathering (GIG) and the United Nations Association of Germany.

Questions covered will include “How do we ensure people and democracies are informed and empowered through data driven systems rather than exploited and undermined?” and “What infrastructures and data protection policies do we need?”

The event aims at giving a bigger platform for civil society representatives from the global south at this year’s IGF. Therefore, the event is also supported by Konnektiv, which often collaborates with GIG due to the shared mission of making development cooperation more open and more innovative.

Selected Projects

Study on the AI-Privacy Conundrum in Germany and India

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful General-Purpose technology – considered as a game-changer that will have potential economic, social and political implications on all spheres of human life. The promise of AI presents a huge economic opportunity and to capitalize on this new technology wave governments have rolled out their national AI strategies….

Tech Trendscouting Toolkit for Social Impact

Konnektiv developed a toolkit that gathers and describes best practices for tech trendscouting approaches to support entrepreneurship and digital social innovation in Africa. As a joint collaboration between GIZ, WSA, and Konnektiv with support of the Global Innovation Gathering network, the focus of this toolkit is offering tangible step-by-step guidelines, peer knowledge, and further resources. The Tech Trendscouting Toolkit…

Make-IT Ecosystem Accelerator in East & West Africa

Overseeing the concept phase of the development and implementation of an accelerator in Kenya and Nigeria, Konnektiv assessed the gaps and needs in services for startups, developed a modular and sustainable portfolio of activities and formats to address these identified needs, and devised a plan to test the formats with the local partners…

SDGs Workshop and Articles for trendradar_2030

For the project “Digital World” with betterplace lab, Konnektiv oversaw the design and moderation of a workshop with a focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The workshop was conducted by Melanie Stilz and Geraldine de Bastion. Following the workshop, Konnekiv contributed articles…

ICT in the Education Sector of Financial Cooperation

Focusing on ICT in the education sector of financial cooperation, Konnektiv developed a strategic plan for KfW. The consultancy provided a general overview of ICT applications and actors in international development within the field of education and included an in-depth portfolio analysis of past and current KfW education projects, customised trainings, and workshops…

Strategy Consulting: Digitisation and International Cooperation

Konnektiv was contracted by the Heinrich Böll Stiftung to consult on a digital strategy for all international offices within the foundation. The aim of the project was to ensure that the international structure was fit for digital transformation. We provided knowledge and expertise…

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