Konnektiv was contracted by the Heinrich Böll Stiftung to consult on a digital strategy to ensure that the international structure of the foundation was fit for the digital transformation. This included providing knowledge and expertise on the central and current aspects of digitalization, particularly from the perspective of the foundation’s partner countries, as well as develop the working methods and structures for the foundation. Together with the regional managers and international employees and building on the current portfolio of the foundation, Konnektiv identified relevant themes, fields of action, and partners and developed project concepts for the foundation. This information was summarised and presented in the form of a concept paper, providing recommendations on potential areas of future activities.

Based on the outcomes of the research, a series of internal courses and trainings were developed for staff to participate in remotely. Different modes of delivery, such as online seminars, tutorials, and hang-outs, were used to introduce topics and create a space for discussion and exchange of experiences. In addition, Konnektiv advised on conference planning and trainings as part of a conference for international employees, which included the conception, planning, implementation, and moderation of the conference, two strategy days, as well as a training day. Konnektiv identified and contacted external speakers, coordinated with staff, and prepared materials for the conference. Further courses and training known as Digital Lunches were developed to accompany the conference on three topics including an introduction to international relations and digitalization, digital mobile communications and digital security, and data ethics and big data.

Konnektiv identified a clear trend among the international offices of the foundation based on the information gathered over the course of the consultancy – the importance of a theme at the cross-section of democracy, technology, and digitalization. Konnektiv conducted a study which summarised the relevant stakeholders including organisations, events, and contacts focusing on digital rights and democracy active in areas where the foundation has international offices. This information was presented to the director of international cooperation at the foundation. INCLUDE FURTHER OUTCOMES

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