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Konnektiv was contracted by the GIZ to create a new template for a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) based on WordPress for the Global Campus 21 (GC21). This template has been and is still being used to successfully implement MOOCs including MOOC Economics of Land Degradation and MOOC Powering Agriculture.

The community tools developed by Konnektiv were not only suitable for MOOCs or eLearning, but also for use as an idea platform. The Community section of the platform Innovation Factory is also based on the MOOC template.

Sustainable Code: Even outside the GC21 platform, this MOOC template has been successfully implemented. For the MOOC Quality in Digital Learning an enhanced version of the MOOC template was created by Konnektiv and used by the GIZ and project partners.

Please note: an account is required for course participants to access the platforms, however registration is available free of charge. Only conditional access to the community section is available for the Innovation Factory.

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