As part of the focus topic: “Education. Opportunities. Prospects.” a webinar series was created on the Alumniportal Deutschland, a platform designed to promote networking and sharing of information among Germany-Alumni, companies, universities, and organisations. Utilizing our vast experience within the field of international development and education, Konnektiv advised on the content, recommended and contacted experts, and moderated three webinars.

The first webinar, How Digital Learning is Reshaping Education, focused on what kind of digital learning opportunities exist, how digital learning formats can improve access to education, and to what extent these virtual formats change traditional learning venues. How to Successfully Manage Integration into Domestic Job Markets, the second webinar, looked at what challenges come along with returning home after studying abroad, how to find a suitable job, and what techniques and strategies help with this process. The third webinar, Empowering Girls and Women through Literacy and Secondary Education, addressed how educational opportunities for girls and women can be improved and the link between access to education and factors such as health care, child mortality, and overpopulation.

Please note: An account is required to access the webinars, however registration to the Alumniportal Deutschland is available free of charge. All webinars were held in English.

Konnektiv has collaborated with the Alumniportal in the past, successfully conducting webinars in a similar fashion on the topic of Digital Society.

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