Konnektiv was contracted by KfW to develop a strategic plan focusing on ICT in the education sector of financial cooperation. In the initial phase, Konnektiv provided KfW with a general overview of ICT applications in education which included examples of good practices, as well as a list of relevant institutions involved in financial cooperation. Konnektiv then conducted a benchmark analysis, stocktaking the KfW education portfolio, conducting telephone and personal interviews with relevant project staff and team leaders, and identifying first trainings for the use of ICT applications in education projects for KfW.

Concrete recommendations were derived from the benchmark analysis which resulted in the formulation of criteria for the evaluation of ICT in education projects, the development of a draft ICT strategy for the education sector, approaches and ideas for ICT education projects, and demonstration of ICT potential in existing KfW projects. Further trainings and consulting needs, which would be necessary for the implementation of the results, were identified. Based on the feedback from workshops, the final strategy paper was composed.


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Identification, development, and promotion of approaches, proposals, and consulting on ICT in the Education Sector of Financial Cooperation