Fayrouz Eldebani

Fayrouz joined the team in April 2021 after having finished her Master’s degree in International Relations at the Technical University in Dresden. Before that, Fayrouz studied Political Science at the Technical University in Darmstadt. During her studies, Fayrouz gained experience through her internship at the NGO OneDollarGlasses by conducting research, analyzing the applicability and comparing different impact studies and fundraising methods. She has also worked as an academic tutor teaching the basics of research and academic paper writing to freshman. With an affinity for topics on the Middle East, she also spent a semester at Lund University in Sweden specializing in Middle Eastern Studies.

At Konnektiv, Fayrouz is a project coordinator for the project “Technical Support for Online Trainings” assisting in the coordination and administration of the project. She also provides technical and facilitation support for online trainings and assists in project acquisition and research.

Fayrouz is on the way to publishing her Master Thesis. She speaks Arabic, English, German and French fluently. She also speaks Italian and is independently learning Spanish and Swedish.

E: fayrouz@konnektiv.de