Study on key issues for inclusive digital development

October 2019-October 2020

Konnektiv was commissioned by the Heinrich Boell Foundation Washington DC to write a comprehensive report that explores some of the key issues that affect inclusive digital development in the Global South, largely focusing on Least Developed Countries (LDCs). The report begins with a review of existing models for digital development and looks at hindering factors such as access and connectivity divides. Further, it examines the importance of data and data governance for digital development.

Interviews and various secondary sources are the base of this report. Konnektiv conducted eight interviews with experts from the Global South, the United States and Europe. Secondary research relied on recent reports published by various multilateral institutions, research institutes, think tanks, and media articles. The report also synthesizes insights gathered at the Internet Governance Forum in Berlin in November 2019 and at the conference “Data as a Development Issue” in Washington, DC in January 2020, which was co-organized by the George Washington University, the Center for Global Development and the Heinrich Boell Foundaiton Washington, DC. Initial findings were presented at this conference by our research team.

The final paper “Data and the Global South: Key Issues for Inclusive Digital Development”, authored by Geraldine de Bastion and Sreekanth Mukku, was published in October 2020 . The study is available for download here.