Geraldine de Bastion

Geraldine is a bilingual political scientist with an intercultural background and international work experience ranging from net political human rights work to management consultancy on a ministerial level in Germany and abroad.

Before co-founding Konnektiv, Geraldine worked as a consultant for information and communication technology and new media for development in Sub-Saharan Africa. She has worked for various governmental organisations, NGOs, and businesses focusing on digital media and communication strategies, as well as project management, event organisation, and moderation.  She holds a degree in political science from FU Berlin.

Geraldine is also the founder of the Global Innovation Gathering, a network of grassroots innovators, social entrepreneurs, founders, and managers of makerspaces, hackerspaces, and innovation hubs. In addition she works with activists and bloggers around the world on digital rights issues. Geraldine works as a free curator and moderator for re:publica and other international events. She is also a member of iceBauhaus e.V.

T: +49 30 577 0576 23