Social Media Community on the Global Campus 21

July 2013 – December 2014

Konnektiv consulted on setting up an English language Social Media Community on the GIZ’s Global Campus 21 (GC21). The platform connected consultants, practitioners, and those interested in using social media and provided useful information surrounding this topic. The community served to boost productivity at the GIZ by bundling the decentralized existing knowledge of social media use and making it accessible to all employees. The goal was to create a resource that could be continuously updated and expanded, so that users were not only reading the information provided on the platform, but actively contributing to its further development. Konnektiv created the concept for the community, oversaw its implementation, and programmed selected pieces of the platform in collaboration with Jeremy Crow.

Sustainable Code: The Social Media Community has served as a basis for other platforms on the GC21 including the idea platform Cre8ideaS and the platform of corporate communications Communications Worldwide.

Please note: Access to the GC21 platforms is only available to employees of the GIZ.


P01 (Jul 13-Jan 14), P04 (Sep-Dec 13), P07 (Nov 13-Apr 14), P10 (Nov 14), P11 (Sep-Nov 14), P12 (Sep 14), P13 (Oct-Dec 14)

(Extended project dates to December 2014)

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