Strategy Co-Creation

Konnektiv works with participatory methods wherever possible, ideally engaging multiple stakeholders across full strategy design cycles. We are experienced with a wide range of co-creation and engaged research methods. Our team holds long-term expertise in the facilitation of co-creative strategy development in complex contexts. Across the team, we have worked across all continents, including countries such as Afghanistan, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Cambodia, Honduras, and the .

We are experienced in facilitating full cycle strategy design processes from problem identification to implementation, remotely and on the ground. Through thorough context assessments, we support our partners to identify the root causes of challenges they or their communities are encountering, and to identify which tactics can be applied to specific cultural, economic, political, and infrastructural conditions. Actor and network mapping methods support partners to specify their methods and to build on local expertise and networks. Deriving from those processes we offer profound support in identifying suitable technological solutions, including trainings, hostings, and open software development where relevant.

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