Due to our background in development cooperation at Konnektiv we have been working remotely long before the Covid-19 pandemic. For this purpose we have built an IT infrastructure for our team that let’s us collaborate effectively across the world while at the same time ensuring our digital sovereignty by relying completely on open source solutions and hosting all of our infrastructure ourselves.

This open source spirit is also deeply embedded in our company values.

2014: Nextcloud

Document Management

Our longest running service is our document management team running on Nextcloud. In 2014 of course we were running on ownCloud, but when it was forked we followed the truely open source version of Nextcloud.


Version Control

Next to our consulting business we also implement many technical solutions ourselves. We started our self-hosted code repository in 2015 and it grew to over 300 repositories as of 2023.

2017: OpenProject

Project Management

When introducing OpenProject as a project management tool it was primarily used by our tech team. By now it used in almost all of our projects and our ticket count is soon to hit the 5-digit area.

2020: BigBlueButton


In 2020 due to our need to do even more meetings online we switched our default videoconferencing tool from Jitsi to BigBlueButton as it offered more collaborative features. Find out more about how and why we use BigBlueButton at Konnektiv.

2020: Element


When founding Konnektiv we were using Signal as our main messaging tool. However, as we started to grow we didn’t want that our employees receive work notifications in the free time and therefore needed a tool that doesn’t mix private and company communication. After evaluating different tools, we opted for Element.

2013 / 2021: WordPress


We have been using WordPress since 2013 for our own website and for many many online communities and e-learning systems we built for customers. In 2021 we decided to also host a WordPress instance to serve as an intranet, which is primarily used as a knowledge based as well as for internal trainings and onboarding.


Single Sign On

Using a bunch of different tools made it an obvious step to look for a solution of a single identity provider that would work as an authentication method for all our systems. The decision fell for keycloak.

Many of the technology we use and deploy for ourselves every day, we also offer as a service to our customers. Currently we are running several big blue buttons servers and nextcloud instances, all customized towards the needs of our customers. Get in touch with us if you are interested in learning more about our services.

We are regularly posting articles about how we use these tools in our publication Konnektiv_Impuls. If you are interested, please subscribe to Konnektiv_Impuls.