Training on “Use of Digital Instruments in Project Work of Development NGOs”

September 2019

Konnektiv was commissioned by Venro to develop a training about the use of digital instruments in project work for staff of development policy and humanitarian NGOs. The training was intended to sensitize employees to what needs to be considered when dealing with digital technologies (e.g. data security and advantages of open software) and to create initial capacity insights in order to be able to identify suitable digital technologies for the respective contexts of their projects. The training consisted of theoretical and practical elements and provided relevant background information, on the basis of which concrete projects were analysed to determine how they have applied digital technologies to date and how implementation can be optimised.

Kersti Ruth Wissenbach was responsible for the preparation and implementation of the training.

Konnektiv has previously worked with Venro conducting the study “Tech for Good: Possibilities and limits of digital instruments in development cooperation of non-governmental organizations”.