Digital transformation and migration – An analysis for Robert Bosch Foundation

October 2020-April 2022

Konnektiv, in collaboration with rOg agency, conducted a mapping and analysis of civil society addressing issues related to technological advances in the field of migration. For this study, we applied a mixed methods approach, consisting of engaged research, digital actor mapping, and semi-structured interviews.

We mapped and analysed respective actor networks, different actor types, their thematic involvements,  and  the  role  of technology therein. These actors included migrant rights activists, grassroots civil society groups working on the ground, non-profit start-ups and tech communities, and researchers and research institutions in Europe, as well as in the African and Middle Eastern contexts. However, this report did not exclusively focuse on latest data practices in the migration field but mapped the overall technological repertoire civil society groups are embracing in their strive to support migrants across the migration cycle. It highlighted the centrality of such holistic view given that contexts vary widely, and so do the relevancies of technologies. We therefore examined the full spectrum of technological practices civil society actors use to support migrants and refugees across different stages of the migration process, as well as connected policy and advocacy work. This ranged from the provision of mobile or online tools for information access, skill building, or support of certain bureaucratic processes to the use of advanced data analytics to replicate unjust scenarios and thus supporting law cases defending migrant rights.