Virtualize your workshop, barcamp or conference

Konnektiv supports our clients with all aspects of virtualizing events, offering consultancy on conception and methodology for virtualization. We also provide the technical implementation, setting up and administering the technical systems. We pay particular attention to data protection and privacy and all our services are compliant with GDPR. Last but not least, we offer moderation of your event with our internationally experienced pool of moderators.


For workshops, barcamps or conferences Konnektiv especially recommends BigBlueButton, an open source web conferencing system ideal for your online learning or collaboration event.

It provides all the features you need for a successful implementation of your event. This includes real-time interaction and sharing of:

  • video
  • audio
  • presentations/documents
  • screen
  • chat (public and private)
  • external videos (YouTube, vimeo, Canvas Studio)

Easy collaboration is supported by:

  • multi-user whiteboard
  • shared notes
  • polling
  • breakout rooms for group work

On request a recording management system can easily record and later playback your sessions.

BigBlueButton is an HTML5-based web application, which runs in all major desktop and mobile browsers implementing the WebRTC standard. For full details, please see the project’s website.

Would you like to virtualize your workshop, barcamp or conference?

Please contact us at to discuss individual solutions for your online event.