Kersti Ruth Wissenbach

Kersti is a political sociologist working at the intersection of communication, technologies and civic rights since the early 2000s. She has worked with activist groups, NGOs, and public institutions leading the strategic planning, policy advice, and implementation of diverse civic participation processes around the globe, including Rwanda, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Cambodia.

Kersti is a participatory communication expert, working with a variety of co-creative methods in order to enable inclusive and context-driven project and strategy design processes. She is furthermore specialized in participatory and activist research.

As researcher with the European Research Council–funded DATACTIVE project at the University of Amsterdam, Kersti is deeply embedded in the multiple dimensions of datafication and digitisation. She researches civic reactions to increasing infringements on civic and human rights in transnational freedom of information activism. Kersti also lectures in the Communication for Social Change Master Program at Malmö University.

Kersti has frequently collaborated with Konnektiv since 2016. In February 2020, she finally joined the team leading acquisition and consulting work.  Additionally, she is supporting the Global Innovation Gathering, our sister organization, as Senior Content lead of the Horizon 2020 project CoAct, striving to develop a Citizen Social Science approach with coalition partners in Spain, Austria, Argentina, and Germany.