What We Do

Konnektiv offers a variety of services with a focus on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) within international development. Each project is customized to fit our client’s requirements, objectives, and budget. We help plan and build innovative solutions, taking into consideration the appropriate methodologies and developing a suitable timeline. Konnektiv provides services in the following areas:

Design, management & evaluation of ICT projects

Konnektiv advises implementing organizations of development cooperation on the use of ICTs within their projects. This process includes concept development, project design, management, and evaluation. Using a systematic approach and in depth knowledge within the field, we offer our clients a comprehensive ICT plan for their projects, making recommendations on how best to incorporate digital elements. We also create guidelines for developing and implementing future ICT projects within the company.

Digital strategy consulting & portfolio management

Konnektiv designs and implements ICT strategies to help our clients prepare for and succeed in the digital age. We provide our clients with an audit and assessment through benchmarking existing internal processes, challenges, and risks and help develop a strategic roadmap that will optimize these processes. We assist with the implementation, integration, and/or transition to recommended solutions and oversee the management, evaluation, and continual improvement of the proposed strategy.

Training & facilitation

Konnektiv organizes, facilitates, and moderates various events, webinars, and trainings. We offer specialized seminars on a range of ICT topics as well as workshops on digital media and open source in development. In addition, we provide logistical preparations and event management. Our team at Konnektiv also regularly presents expert input on a range of topics at conferences and conventions around the world.

Research & analysis

Konnektiv conducts studies and produces publications on the use of ICT in developing contexts, researching and analysing the social, cultural, and economic impact. We take a comprehensive approach to our research and analysis, often engaging our vast network that spans across the globe to collaborate with local experts and gain greater insight and perspective.

Programming software solutions

The programming of online platforms rounds off our services. We develop information, community, and e-learning portals that run as software applications on the Internet or on the client’s intranet.

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