Festivals that Catalyze Networks and Connections

As part of ColaborAmerica, Geraldine de Bastion joined a panel with some of the most important leaders on the new economy. The group discussed the importance of providing opportunities for sharing knowledge, inspiring, and connecting people around innovation, social impact, and collaboration. The panel shared their varied experience with large-scale festivals (Social Good, Ouishafe Fest, FIIS, re:publica, OpenSource OpenSociety) that work to catalyze networks and create communities.

The panel included Geraldine de Bastion, Julian Ugarte, Carolina de Andrade, Silvia Zuur, and Francesca Pick.

Panel: Festivals that Catalyze Networks and Connections
Saturday, November 17, 2016, 6:00pm-7:00pm
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
ColaborAmerica is an event by social and digital innovators, whose mission is to promote systemic change and build a new economy in Latin America.